With the wealth of information available online, sometimes searching for a home can feel overwhelming. How should you get started?

If you know the area (or surrounding towns) in which you would like to live, contact a broker that is very familiar with that area. If you know the basic size of what you are looking for (bedrooms/bathrooms), the broker will compile a concise list based on your criteria.

The most important thing to know as a buyer is that you do not pay your broker’s commission – it is paid from the Seller’s proceeds when you purchase. Brokers can be an invaluable resource, and with so little risk to you as a buyer, it is definitely worthwhile to contact one to start your home search.

I have a great list of veteran brokers in various areas of Massachusetts. I am available 24/7 at abennette@weclosetheloan.com and am happy to help get your search started!

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