This is a blog designed to help who are considering buying and selling property.

I am a real estate attorney headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts working for a firm that has been in the real estate business for decades and represents hundreds of homeowners and prospective homeowners.

Whether you have barely considered buying a home or are attempting to sell your house, this blog is designed to help you navigate from the pre-offer stage to the closing table as now is the time!

The first tip of the day for new prospective purchasers:

Your credit score directly affects the interest rate of your mortgage. If you want to buy a home but have poor credit it is not an insurmountable obstacle. You can obtain a copy of your credit score for free. You can better your credit by paying down your loans and making sure you make your payments on time. Your credit score will also reveal any issues that have negatively affected your credit (i.e. late payments, delinquencies, etc.) If you believe those issues were reported in error, you can request the credit bureaus remove them from your credit score. Increasing your credit score could potentially save you thousands in interest over the term of your Mortgage.

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